Smarter Subsea Handling: Controllable buoyancy solutions for transforming subsea development and operations of the offshore energy and other subsea sectors

Smarter Subsea Handling (SSH) has pioneered controllable buoyancy systems ("CBS") for transforming subsea operations of the offshore energy sector.

CBS has been designed and tested to provide a safe and cost-effective complementary and alternative solution for subsea handling and buoyancy based lifting services. CBS technology can be deployed in its own stand alone designs, such as our own 'ROVAR' system, or incorporated into, or integrated with, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV). 

CBS can be deployed to drive down costs, improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions across multiple operations:

  • inspection, repair and maintenance
  • subsea equipment installation, handling and removal
  • expanded operating scope for marine support vessels and remotely operated vehicles


Intellectual Property

A strong intellectual property portfolio of granted patents in key geographic regions underpins the design and application of our Controllable Buoyancy System technology. We welcome enquiries about licensing opportunities.


Collaboration Partners

Our technology was originally developed from its original conception on a collaborative basis with key academic and industrial partners with funding from Innovate UK. 


We particularly acknowledge the support and contributions from the University of Southampton, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Sheffield University,  Zetechtics Limited, leading specialists in subsea control solutions and instrumentation, and Bestobell Valves.